Ballots Are Out!

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Saturday, May 12th

1:00 PM at 765 14th St NE
North Salem High School (The Commons)

Invest in the Next Generation

Salem-Keizer Schools need space for students, career-technical classrooms, technology upgrades, seismic strengthening, safety upgrades, and protection for the community’s investment.

By raising funds, we hope to fulfill these needs and then some.

Career/Technical Training

New vocational and technical classrooms will be added to ensure students are prepared for life beyond graduation.

Seismic Upgrades

Seismic considerations must be made including the need for strengthening high-risk areas for added safety.


Non-routine work for areas such as roofs, floors, HVAC, parking lots, and plumbing systems require attention.

Relieve Overcrowding

Additional construction of space & classroom expansions to keep up with needed capacity and address future enrollment growth.

Safety & Security

Front office staff need door visibility, and electronic badge access and intercom systems require updating.

Technology Upgrades

Technological advances will take place including the expansion of wireless networks and improvements made to school data centers.

Learn more about the bond package!

Marion County Voter Pamphlet



Weeks to Election Day

What Can I Do?

Your volunteer time and financial support will help us say Yes to Salem-Keizer Schools.

Share the benefits of this bond measure with your friends and family, and if you’re able to, donate.


From putting a lawn sign in your yard to helping with events or mailing, your efforts are vital to the success of this bond. Sign up today!


With the age of social media, we have a unique opportunity to tell our friends and family about the benefits of this bond measure.



Give today! We are grateful for your support in passing the bond measure. Thank you for your contributions.

Help our students compete in the future; vote yes for school bond

Help our students compete in the future; vote yes for school bond

Original Article from the Statesman Journal I am writing to urge our community to vote "yes"on the Salem-Keizer Public Schools bond measure, 24-429, in the May 15 election. Oregon remains third-worst in the country for its high-school graduation rates, and here in...

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